Dry cargo Below 10,000 Dwt

Different direct clients ready to purchase:

Singel decker
Dwt: 8000-12000
Max draft: 8.6 m
Built in Japan or Korea only
Max 15 years old
Holds box shaped
Cranes minimum 2 x 30 ts
Price up to USD 4 mill

Geared sid/tween
TEU: 200+ (No cells)
Draft: Loaded max 4,8 m
Crane: 40 ts, try 35
Price: Max USD 1,4 mill.
Inspection & delivery SE Asia

Geared container fitted tween-decker, try single-decker
Dwt 3500-4500 about
Max 25 years old
Preferably European built
Boxed holds with CO2
Certified for IMO cargo 1.1-1.6 in packaged form in holds.
Cranes minimum 35 ts each
Loaded “normal” speed min 13 knots, preferably 14+
IACS member class
Aussie ladders advantage
Price up to USD 2 mill. Preferably 1,7-1,8

Dwt: 1200-1700 abt
Crane(s): 20 ts, try 15
TEU: 50+ Cells not required
Price up to USD 1,2 million