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Some advantages

The flag administration is in the “flag country”, ie Cook Islands. Many other flag administrations these days are far away from the country of their flag.
We have close and good relation with the country’s government.

We have a “non-bureaucratic” administration and can give quick reply to urgent matters.

Decision on most urgent matters can be taken by Deputy Registrar.

No company required to be registered in Cook Islands, if you do not want.
The easiest and fastest way to fulfill ownership requirements is via the Cook Islands Ship Owners Association (CISOA). Owning company of the vessel will apply for membership.
Yacht owner can be member of Cook Islands Yacht Squadron, CIYS.

Cook Islands do not have, and does not plan to have, any special national requirements over and above the applicable IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL and similar international rules and regulations. This means that owners and managers with multi-flag fleets do not have to keep track of and apply additional procedures for ships under our flag.

We have tried to make the application procedure as simple as possible in order not to have any delays for ships when changing an officer.
You just fill “Application for Cook Islands Endorsement Certificate”, scan all required certificates and documents, including a “passport size” photo and e-mail all to MCI in Cook Islands.
If you for some reason need the acknowledgement “immediately”, sick crewmember etc., applications can be sent to Deputy Registrar’s office and acknowledgement received from there normally the same day. The Deputy Registrar issuing this is charging an administrative fee.
Endorsement is only required for officers. For rest of the crew no endorsements are required.
No need to send any original documents. No need for notarisation or other authentication of documents as all will be verified with issuing authority.

These can be issued by the flag when vessel is classed by IACS Society. In case vessel is classed by non-IACS Society the Inspections and audits are done by our auditors and certificates issued by the flag.

Non-SOLAS vessels
For these vessels we can issue all certificates, incl. Hull & Machinery on case by case basis.

Ship’s age
Normal limit for registration is 25 years, but on a case by case basis even older can be registered.

Before approval for registration under Cook Islands flag, we are not only checking the history of the ship, but also same of her managers. Even a new-building can quickly be “destroyed” by bad management.
It is of utmost importance that the ships we registered are of good standard and managed by competent managers.
Neither the Registry, nor other owners of Cook Islands ships want to have the flag targeted by PSC or other authorities.
We cannot afford to register ships that might become a problem or “embarrassment” as this will affect badly not only on us, but also on other vessels under our flag.

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