Wreck Certificate application procedure

How do I apply for Wreck Removal Certificate?

Go to https://secure.maritimecookislands.com/wreck/application.php?dr=CIDR-0%C2%A74 to apply online.

The application fee for a Cook Islands Removal of Wrecks Certificate is USD $300 per ship.

Delivery by DHL Courier is USD $150 per application either sent from Cook Islands or from our office in Manila. You can safe courier fee by arranging pick up from our office. Please advise when filling on-line application.

Before applying, arrange insurance with your P&I Club or insurance company.
Click here for the list of Approved P&I Clubs/Insurers

Make sure your P&I Club/Insurance company addresses the Blue Card to:
Maritime Cook Islands, P.O. Box 882, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Cook Islands will accept up to 20 ships per online application.
(If you have more than 20 ships you will need to complete another application).

To complete the online Application you will need to:

1) Enter the Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address of the applicant.

2) Enter the following information for each ship enter:
Name of Ship
Name of Registered Owner
IMO number
Call Sign
Gross Tonnage
Flag State
Port of Registry
Approved P&I Club or Insurer Click here for a list http://maritimecookislands.com/index.php/approved-pai-clubs?phpMyAdmin=468c4e449b59t7643f2c9

3) Once the Information for each ship has been entered, proceed to the payment options. An invoice will be generated for the total amount to be paid in USD. Print the invoice if required.

4) Choose to pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or by telegraphic transfer.
An email will be sent confirming approval of credit card payment or instructing procedure for telegraphic transfer payments. A duplicate copy of the invoice in PDF format will be attached.

5) Reply to the confirmation email, attaching the Blue Cards for all ships in the application
Maritime Cook Islands will check the Blue Card(s) against the application form and check the P&I Club ship search facility to confirm validity. If everything matches, MCI will generate the certificate(s) and send from Cook Islands or have them delivered from our office in Manila.

Once issued, the original Certificate must be carried on the vessel at all times and must be presented on demand to the authorities of any State Party to the Convention while within the jurisdiction of such State.

NOTE: Completion of an Application Form and payment of the Application Fee does not guarantee the issue of a Certificate. Certificates will only be issued once the Cook Islands Administration is satisfied that the vessel is in compliance with the requirements of the Convention. No refunds will be given.